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Every website needs a Frequently Asked Questions page where its visitors can find important information about the website. A Frequently Asked Questions page saves time and money because customers can easily find answer for the most important questions.

Our Frequently Asked Questions script is easy to installed and implement. It is a unique FAQ that lets website owners create a FAQ page with the content and the format required. The script has some amazing features and ease design to help the administrator decide the type of content, questions, and answers to be published. Users can submit questions but all questions submitted need to be approved by the administrator. The form for submitting questions is secured with CAPTCHA in order to avoid automatic bot and spammers.

The administration panel provides the tools needed in order to setup a successful Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page. Administrator can submit, edit, and remove questions and answers. The administrator can also make a question inactive without having to delete the question. Inactive questions are not published; they just show in the administrator panel. All questions are arranged by categories to help the users find the questions they are looking for or browse only the section they are interested. The front page also has a search box to find any question available. Users do not need to type the whole question but, part of it, in order to find the most relevant responds. The answer section has a WYSIWYG editor which also includes editing in HTML. Administrator can easily change fonts, text size, colors, include graphics, videos, links, and more. Using all those features does not require any knowledge of HTML because the editor is so easy to use.

System Requirements:

PHP5, MySQL, Linux, Apache

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PO-FAQ script 3.1.3 Free Download screenshot